The Pylon

Here are the latest editions of our Parish magazine, The Pylon, available as a pdf download.

The Pylon ā€“ Parish Magazine We are planning to reintroduce a paper edition of The Pylon to commemorate St. John Fisher’s 80th Year Anniversary. This should be available towards the end of the year. We would like short reports and photos from the events organised for our anniversary. So, whoever is running an event, please would you arrange for these to be sent to (note: if you are taking photos, ask those in the shots for their permission to appear in The Pylon.) If you have any memories, articles, poems or stories you think would interest readers in this special edition, please send to the email address above or place in the pigeonhole for Barbara Towell. We look forward to receiving and reading these.

Summer 2018
Christmas 2017
Summer 2017

Christmas 2016
Summer 2016
Christmas 2015
Summer 2015
Christmas 2014
Summer 2014
Christmas 2013
Summer 2013
Christmas 2012


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