Social Events

St. John Fisher Social Club are running an Irish theme concert to take place on Saturday, 10th June at 7.30 pm in the parish hall. Nearly all of the acts are parishioners and all are local residents. We have run a number of these in the past with great success. Tickets are £5 each with all proceeds to parish funds. For tickets/further information, please contact

Mental Health Workshop will take place in SJF Parish Hall on Saturday, 17th June at 10am-3pm.  If you would like to attend, please visit For more info, please see poster in the porch.

The Great Get Together Many of you will remember the tragic death of the late MP Jo Cox. In her memory local people all over our country have been asked to get together for a street party.  As members of Harrow Citizens, we will be delighted to join others for a BBQ on Sunday, 18th June at 1.30pm at St. Peter’s Church, Sumner Road, West Harrow HA1 4BX.  The event is free – donation on the day.  We will put a list in the porch so we can let our hosts know how many people are coming.  Please sign up not only to remember Jo but also to forge closer links in our community.

International Day – 24th June 2017 – As usual the whole of our community, parish and school will work together. As a parish we take responsibility for the following stalls: Books, Cakes & Refreshments, the Bottle Tombola, Irish Coffee, International Kitchen & the Gate Entrance.

We need men to come forward to help with the BBQ and as usual there is a sign-up sheet for the International kitchen. This is your chance to share something of your culture through food.  If you can spare half an hour to help serve in the kitchen, please sign up on the separate sheet in the porch.

 Donations of Jolly Jars, Handbags, Books, Bric-a-Brac, Bottles and Cakes are all very welcome. So have a root through your homes and bring your donations to the church porch or to the mobile unit in the school playground.

Calling all gardeners This year we plan to have a Plant Stall at the International Day.  It would be great if you are planting seeds you could sow a few extra, or maybe you could take some cuttings from garden plants/herbs to put in pots and remember to label, or plant up a hanging basket/patio pot.  More information about where to bring them nearer the day.
Craft Stall There will also be a craft stall for Bakhita House. We would be grateful if parishioners could make handmade items such as soft toys, dolls clothes, jewellery, knitted garments and fancy goods. Please drop these into the presbytery by Friday, 23rd June.

Friday Coffee Morning On the 2nd, 3rd & 4th Fridays of the month, there is a chance for parishioners to meet after Mass over a cup of tea/coffee and biscuit in the Fisher Room. Everyone is welcome.

“Come Dine” Are there any parishioners interested in a “Come Dine” concept where you cook a meal for 3-4 parishioners and each month thereafter you take it in turn to prepare a meal for your group? It is a good way to combine socialising, love of cooking and entertaining. It will be open to all ages/creeds/ nationalities. The only two stipulations will be it is to be fun (no point scoring) and there is to be NO looking around the property. If you are interested, please contact Roshan on 07976 199806 or email (please note it is underscore).