St John Fisher Parish 100 Club

Parish 100 Club As you can see the major structural work to the church has now been completed and we hope that you like it. Over the next seven years, we will need to pay the diocese back the loan that it has given to our parish to make this work possible. One fund raising initiative is for parishioners to join the Parish 100 Club. We would ask parishioners to pay annually £60 (£5 per month); if 100 people join and pay £5 a month, the amount raised each month is £500…..and £175 is given away in prizes as follows: £100, £50, £25. This leaves £325 which goes to the parish. If 200 people join, the prizes go up to £200, £100, £50. So the more people that join, the greater the monthly prize money will be. So it would be fantastic if we could have a parish 200 club, that way we could raise £6000 a year which would be enormously helpful.  Please click on this link 100Club Jan 2019 for a registration form. Thank you for your support.

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