Theology on Tap

This is an opportunity for people to meet in informal surroundings, to relax over a drink and to talk about issues concerning Faith, the Church and the World. Listed below are some topics that we might like to cover. However, if there is a subject that the group would prefer to explore then we can substitute that.

9 October 2016        The School of Athens: Why is Theology important?

23 November2016   Thinking about life after death.

14 December 2016   Born in a stable? Questions about the Incarnation.

18 January 2017       Holy Mother! What is the Church?

15 February 2017     “The Imitation Game:” A Movie about Morality?

22 March 2017          The Death & Resurrection of Jesus

26 April 2017             Can we make sense of the Trinity?

17 May 2017               Women and Ministry: What do people really think?

21 June 2017              Aspects of the Modern Papacy

The new season’s topics are:

11th October 2017     The Sacraments – the glory of the Church or a mechanism to control the faithful?

22nd November 2017   Art & Theology

24th January 2018  Theology of the Laity

21st March 2018  Does God exist? – CANCELLED, to be rescheduled

The venue is the Bar, at St John Fisher Parish, North Harrow. Entrance to the Bar is via The Parish Hall, Imperial Drive, HA2 7LW. Sessions begin at 7.30pm and finish by 9pm. Sandwiches are provided. Hope to see you there!

Texts from the talks are available by emailing .

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