Supporting the parish financially

There are many ways in which you are able to support our parish. First and foremost we ask for your prayers in our mission. But we also have bills to pay like any other charity or household. The parish relies on the generous and goodwilled support of its parishioners to enable it to function and proclaim the Gospel to the people of North Harrow and beyond. We do not receive any financial support from the UK Government, the Vatican nor the Diocese of Westminster, in fact we must support the Diocese’s central functions ourselves.

Since 1939 the people have God have not failed to support the priests and parishioners in that effort.

If you would like to support the parish financially or consider how to go about it then follow the link to our ‘micro-site’ on the Diocese of Westminster website for more details by clickihg here. Alternatively you can make a one-off contribution by clicking on the ‘Virgin Money Giving’ icon below.

Thank you and may God bless you

Fr Graham Stokes
Parish Priest