Easter Mass Times

Palm Sunday
10.00am               starting outside St Alban’s Church
12.00pm             (see note below)

10am mass will start outside St Alban’s Church in the Ridgeway (or in St Alban’s Parish Hall if weather is bad). After the proclamation of the opening Gospel and the blessing of palms we will process to St John Fisher to continue mass. Consequently on Palm Sunday the ‘11.30am’ Mass, will start at 12noon to avoid a crush!

Holy Thursday
8.00pm                 Mass of the Lord’s Supper (then watching in the Parish Centre until Night Prayer at 11.50pm)

Good Friday
9.30am                 Morning Prayer
1.00pm                 Children’s Stations of the Cross
3.00pm                 Celebration of the Lord’s Passion
8.00pm                 Stations of the Cross

Holy Saturday
9.30am                  Morning Prayer
8.00pm                 Easter Vigil

Easter Sunday   Masses at usual Sunday times

Easter Monday  Mass at 12.30pm

Lenten Reconciliation Service will take place here on Monday, 8th April 2019 at 7.30pm consisting of a welcome, Gospel reading and brief homily followed by individual confession with one of a number of visiting priests. If you are unable to make this a Holy Hour, including individual Confessions, will take place at St Luke’s, Pinner from 3-4pm on Sunday, 7th April 2019.

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